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  • 3-IN-1 TOTAL CARE SOLUTION: An exfoliating, cleansing facial scrub that purifies pores, diminishes dullness, and improves elasticity for more youthful looking skin. This brightening facial scrub is a soft gommage type peeling gel with natural cellulose, kiwi extract and rosehip seed oil. With 3-in-1 effects, our facial scrub effectively exfoliates, moisturizes and leaves skin glowing.
  • WHAT IS A PEELING GEL: Our peeling gel is a gommage type, an ultra-gentle paste that starts out as a gel and effectively removes dead skin cells without the use of any microbeads. The gel erases dead skin cells by dissolving them with enzymes and uses the force of your hands rubbing on your face to peel the top layer off. It is a very satisfying process that leaves your skin smooth, soft and supple after every use!
  • HOW TO USE OUR PEELING GEL: To use, apply onto your face and let it sit for about 10 seconds, then get to rubbing gently. You will notice small white chunks, or pills that come off taking a bunch of dead skin cells with it this is normal! Simply wash off with lukewarm water after cleansing to notice the difference in your skin.
  • GENTLE FACIAL PEEL FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Our facial cleansers are gentle and irritant free making it safe for all skin types including dry and sensitive types. Since this peeling gel does not use any salts, scrubs or beads to exfoliate, it is a soothing cleanser that is non-irritable and just as effective at removing dead skin cells
  • NATURAL CLEANSING INGREDIENTS: Formulated with cleansing ingredients extracted from peach. Our peeling gels are all free from micro-beads, Parabens, Venzophenones and Silicon Oil. All plu products are dermatologically tested for safety.
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