Coffee Body and Face Scrub (Cacao & Vanilla)

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  • Common Grounds VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE Arabica Coffee Scrub simplifies your routine, by Exfoliation MOISTURIZING & NOURISHING ALL IN ONE. Shower on, clothes off, rub our scrub all over Body, Booty, Butt, rinse off. Simple. All ingredient are SOURCED SUSTAINABLY
  • ANTI AGING & REJUVENATING - PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS. Detoxifying - Toxins Remover & impurities from outer layers. REMOVE DULL, DRY SKIN - EXFOLIATE THE OLD. Softens & smoothens skin - Polish and reveal the new. Hydrating, Tightening & Brightening - Vitamin rich natural oil. Beauty for Men and women.
  • SCRUB WILL REDUCE CELLULITIS, STRECHMARK AND SPIDER VEINS - INCREASE COLLAGEN PRODUCTION & DEHYDRATE FAT CELLS. ACNE & ECZEMA - Clears pores and reduces redness. Pore refining - Tightens without blocking pores. Even skin tone - Increases cell turnover.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! - We at Common Grounds have built our small USA business around our customers, and our ongoing desire to provide them with quality products. If for any reason youre not 100% satisfied simply return for you. No Black outs.
  • DID YOU KNOW - Our coffee grounds have incredible benefits for your skin! The caffeine contained in our coffee beans can effectively tighten the skin and reduce swelling. Being rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Common Grounds can improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness, help fade wrinkles and noticeably moisture skin. Better results than any cream.
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